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By Brandon Graham

12 Jun 2013
5 Aug 2013

From the 12th of June until the 5th of August 2013 Gallery 33 presented Eisner award winner and "one man comic creating machine" Brandon Graham, launching an "open-studio" style exhibition and celebrating the world premiere of his new PictureBox book Walrus.

A couple of days before the show opened we offered the opportunity for visitors to interact with Brandon, opening the doors while he was working. With the help of his wife Marian Churchland, Brandon covered the gallery’s walls and windows with their drawings, transforming the space in just four days and allowing visitors to step into Brandon’s world.

Gallery 33 was proud to offer a limited number of signed copies of the Walrus art book at the gallery before the official book launch.

Next to the book we had Brandon's drawings and pages for sale, as well as a selection of his other books and a print, t-shirts and buttons created exclusively for the show.

Brandon also provided an exclusive Kuvva set in conjunction with the exhibition.

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Visit Brandon Graham’s blog.

About Brandon Graham

Brandon Graham was born in December of 1976, the grandson of pin-up artist Bill Randall. He grew up in Seattle around a lot of graffiti and comics. Deciding at a young age that his time was better spent drawing comics rather than going to school he managed to get his first comic published at the age of 19. He’s been honing his craft ever since.

He lives in Vancouver BC, with his partner Marian Churchland (author of Image comic Beast), where he spends his days creating comics. He divides his time between his own series Multiple Warheads and writing and occasionally drawing for the Image series Prophet.

Graham spearheads a new generation of comic creators who exist parallel to the big, superhero focussed North American comic book industry. His style is hard to pinpoint but is clearly influenced by European and Japanese comics first and alternative North American comics second. This shows in his sublime worldbuilding, dense storytelling and clear, deliberate lines as well as his surprising use of colour.

In 2013 he won an Eisner award (considered the “Oscars” of comics) for his book King City.

His blog reads as a map of his interests and acts as a portal into a world filled with cool comics you never knew existed.

About Walrus

A handbook to the visual and verbal universe of Brandon Graham, of King City, Prophet and Multiple Warheads fame. Graham has developed a punning, humorous and sexy universe of machines, logos, women, and bumbling men, all cast in an alternate Sci-Fi universe. Walrus, Graham's first art book, collects drawings and sketchbook comics spanning 2009-2012, and allows readers a glimpse into his creative process and obsessions. Here we get a glimpse of everything: from the puttering pace of domestic life to high energy drawing riffs to homages of cult comic book characters. Walrus will be the definitive guide to the Graham-verse.

Brandon Graham

Here’s what Brandon himself says about the content of the sketchbook:
“I like the idea that a reader would get a version of the artist through the work that’s them at their most unguarded and comfortable - alone at their desk doing what they love to do. Ideally, them at their most them.”

“There’s a lot of drawings in here that me and my misses, Marian did of each other. She says my self portraits don’t look like me - but that’s what my soul looks like baaaby.”

About a commissioned piece printed in the book:
“In coloring it I was really hoping the guy who I was tasked to draw was the kind of dude who would wear a pink blazer. The world is divided into people who wear pink blazers and those who don’t. I’m not the former type, but for the sake of my color scheme - I’m glad he was.”

Brandon Graham

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Brandon Graham

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