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A creative space by Present Plus, dedicated to interactivity, accessibility and innovation.

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19 Aug 2013
11 Oct 2013

Contributing artists:

Liam Brazier

Liam draws what he likes and likes what he knows, so he draws that, knowingly. He confuses himself frequently by trying to explain what he does. His default illustration style has been described as everything from 'geometric' to 'what have you got against wiggly lines?' - Liam merely knows the pop-culture references are inherent, and they're easy to produce on a trackpad. His illustration and animation pieces have been displayed worldwide. He knows for a fact Stan Lee and Boba Fett like the work, and Lucasfilm's legal department don't so much.

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Atelier Olschinsky

Peter Olschinsky and Verena Weiss met in 2005. Since then they've run their studio in the heart of little Vienna as a team. Both having quite different professional backgrounds see their advantage as being able to combine the disciplines of illustration, photography, design, and 3D, and connecting them depending on the particular job's needs. Playing around with ideas and looking at subjects from uncommon angles is one of the ways in which the duo form their concepts. They're always training their skills on free works, in additional to the daily business. In 2010 Atelier Olschinsky launched it's most ambitious project so far: Nevertheless Magazine, a 320 page biannual compendium containing the things they have a crush on.

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Dan Matutina

Dan Matutina is a designer and illustrator based in the sunny Philippines. His illustration style is a mix of handmade & digital, clean and dirty, old and modern aesthetics. His work has appeared in several leading local and international magazines. Dan's work is heavily inspired by films, science, myths, and folklore. Dan co-founded the design studio Ideals Creatives, and just recently established Plus63 Design Co. with a group of friends. He is also a lecturer of the Visual Communication Dept. at the UP College of Fine Arts. Dan loves coffee and to play video games.

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Dennis de Groot

Dennis de Groot (Waalwijk, 1982) lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and works as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. Additionally he is also active in different disciplines. As a photographer he has captured his daily life on his photoblog since 2006, and is regularly found in Amsterdam’s nightlife. As a VJ he has held residencies at Paradiso, Effenaar and various festivals and club nights, where he’s also frequently found as a DJ. The remaining time Dennis spends at home with his wife Sherisa, their great baby Seji and Pixel the cat.

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Mike Perry

As a designer and artist working in a variety of mediums–books, magazines, newspapers, clothing, drawing, painting, and illustration–Mike Perry is compelled by the ways in which the hand-drawn informs and deepens contemporary visual culture. Perry works regularly for a number of editorial and commercial clients including Apple and The New York Times. HIs work is multi-award winning and has been exhibited around the world. Mike has also published extensively. His first book, Hand Job, focuses specifically on the relevance and beauty of hand-drawn type in the digital age. Over and Over: A Catalog of Hand-drawn Patterns, explores the similarly nuanced texture, humor, and elegance of illustrative patterns.

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Roya Hamburger

Roya Hamburger is an Amsterdam-based freelance illustrator and designer. She produces illustrations and graphic designs for a broad range of international advertising agencies, publishers and art institutions. Hamburger also loves working on non-commissioned projects starting with no particular idea at all and just seeing what happens by letting her inspiration kick in. While her work looks distinctly digital, every single piece starts with a pencil and some paper.

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Laszlito Kovacs

Spanish native Laszlito Kovacs is an illustrator living and working in Amsterdam. His work has been featured in some of the world's leading publications and he's always busy with a whole lot of other exciting projects. His fun and minimalistic drawings seem to be constant theme in his work and reminds us of a time when things were simpler. Laszlito can't spend a day without drawing. His latest project, Moberg takes us into outer space.

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Brandon Graham

Brandon Graham (1976) is a comics artist, best known for his work on King City, his series Multiple Warheads and the Image series Prophet. He grew up in Seattle and at a young age decided his time was better spent drawing comics rather than going to school. He managed to get his first comic published at the age of 19. He’s been honing his craft ever since. In 2013, Graham won an Eisner award for his book King City. He currently lives with his wife Marian Churchland in Vancouver BC.

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