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A show about dinosaurs

25 Oct 2013
6 Jan 2014

Contributing artists:

Andrew Lyons

Andrew Lyons is an English freelance illustrator based in Dijon, France. He studied Fine Art at Cardiff School of Art, where he specialized in painting large abstract canvases. Upon moving to France, his interest in painting combined with a newly found passion for Franco/Belge bande dessinée. These two influences and a love of acoustic music drive his illustration work. Andrew’s previous clients have included: Wired, Creative Review, Google’s Think Quarterly and Mercedes-Benz.

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Dennis de Groot

Dennis de Groot (Waalwijk, 1982) is an illustrator whose distinctive style is characterized by reducing subjects to simple forms and colors. Strongly influenced by contemporary pop culture, his work aims to explore the line between recognition and detail. In 2011 he published his first book “Bare Essentials”, a collection of pop culture illustrations, with Lebowski Publishers. Most recently, he collaborated with apparel brand Lacoste on two exclusive shirts for their Fall/Winter 2013-14 Kids collection. Dennis resides in Amsterdam with his wife Sherisa, son Seiji and their cat Pixel.

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Elliot Alfredius (of Peow! Studio)

Elliot is from Stockholm, Sweden. He has been doing art all his life. He is one of the co-founders of Peow! Studio.

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Essy May

Essy May is a science fantasy artist and print designer based in London. Her digitally coloured graphite drawings are steeped in nostalgia and dreaminess, throwbacks to the days of classic sci-fi.
Essy has worked on album covers, event posters and print designs for Japanese fashion labels. She has had her prints exhibited in galleries worldwide and sells her work privately.

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Guillaume Singelin

Guillaume Singelin is a french illustrator. After a few year in advertising school he worked at Ankama, a french publisher.
After working on a developpement for a movie he started to work on comics book as DoggyBags, or The Grocery with Aurelien Ducoudray.
Now he mostly works with this publisher on comics book, but also with American publisher as Boom, and Image Comics.

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Hanna K.

Hanna lives in Stockholm, Sweden. She kinda studied animation for a year and now she's trying to draw comics. She will probably never be rich.

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Hobson Chant

British born artists HobsonChant can only be described as tall, dark handsome, and strange.

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Jake Parker

Jake Parker is a freelance illustrator, designer, and comic artist.  He is the creator of the Missile Mouse graphic novel series published by Scholastic. For several years he worked for Blue Sky Studios creating sets and environments for feature films like Horton hears a Who, Rio, and Epic. He lives in Utah with his wife and children working on picture books, comics, and other freelance projects.

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Jake Pauls

Jake Pauls lives in Toronto, Canada. His work is inspired by natural patterns, scientific details and literary references. It is abstract or representational, generally an attempt to show things that are unreal but recognizable. He always starts with a pencil and ends with a computer. His drawings are informed by a belief that evidence of the human hand is naturally engaging. He loves minimal design too, and balances the hand-drawn aesthetic with a subtle colour palette.

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Jon Burgerman

Jon Burgerman is a purveyor of doodles, in ideas, ink, animation, performance and paint.  He is credited and referenced as the leading figure in this new 'Doodleism' art form. 

In 2008 his 300 page monograph entitled 'Pens Are My Friends' was published by IdN. It was distributed worldwide and is now long since sold out. In the same year  Jon appeared on the seminal BBC TV show Blue Peter to create a mural 'doodle' live on set. This along with countless commercial collaborations (including Nike, Sony, Pepsi, Levis, MTV etc), exhibitions and events around the world and a series of collectable vinyl toys 'The Heroes of Burgertown' made by KidRobot has entered Burgermans work into public consciousness.

His award winning work (including a Cannes Lions Advertising award, two D&AD Silver award nominations) has featured in Hollywood movies (directors include Matthew Vaughn and Oliver Stone), documentaries, many art and design books and is in the permanent collections of The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Science Museum in London and Nottingham Castle Museum.

"Intensely prolific, he has pushed the character obsession of the late 90s into a far more interesting and strong direction. Think Walt Disney at an Incan monument on mescaline." Francesca Gavin, author of Street Renegades and 100 New Artists (published by Laurence King), Visual Arts Editor Dazed & Confused Magazine.

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Kim Demåne

Kim is a digital designer and artist with origins from the muzzy forests of Sweden.  Currently based in Amsterdam (by way of New York and Barcelona). Pixels, ink and sharp tools fill his daily life with personal projects and client based assignments, including; Adidas originals, VICE, TEDGlobal, WeChooseFun & WEAREPI.

His illustrative work is a mix of contemporary costumes and animals inspired by a youth of story tales and aesthetics from early industrialism. A thought of the future and the irony of our productive societies.

His work combines hints of comic impression and historical references with a touch of humour.

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Lazslito Kovacs

Spanish native Laszlito Kovacs is an illustrator living and working in Amsterdam. His work has been featured in some of the world's leading publications and he's always busy with a whole lot of other exciting projects. His fun and minimalistic drawings seem to be constant theme in his work and reminds us of a time when things were simpler. Laszlito can't spend a day without drawing. 

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Lennard Schuurmans

Lennard Schuurmans. Dedemsvaart 1979
. Multidisciplinary Artist: Painter, illustrator, Muralist,
 Sign Painter, Blogger and full-time motor junkie. 
Exhibited his work since 2003 around the world.
His blog BubbleVisor is one of the biggest custom motorcycle blogs in the Netherlands with 140.000 international visitors a month.
He made commissions for big companies such as Volcom, Levi’s, Nike, Opel, H&M, Red Bull, Amsterdam Centraal Station. 
He co-founded the yearly Rusty Gold Swap Meet. 
In 2012 he started the the Barn Fresh company.

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Marta Antoniak

Marta Antoniak is a Polish painter and illustrator. She lives and works in Kraków. In 2011 she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków at the faculty of painting. Currently she is a PhD student at the same academy. Her work combines fantasy and realism, often has a dark grotesque atmosphere but isn't devoid of a sense of humor.

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Olle Forsslöf (of Peow! Studio)

Olle Forsslöf is a comic-book artist and illustrator born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. He started working as a freelance illustrator but gradually slipped more and more over to comics. One year and a half ago he and two friends started PEOW! Studio, Sweden's only risograph-powered comic book publisher and print-shop. He is constantly being inspired by new artists and don't want to "get stuck" in one specific style. If he could he'd quit his day job and spend the days reading, drawing comics and playing magic.

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Patrick Crotty (of Peow! Studio)

Patrick Crotty was born and raised on the east coast of the USA, now living in Sweden and is one of the founders of Peow! studio (the comic publisher and riso print-shop based in Stockholm). His work is influenced by a lifelong love of magic and sci-fi and cute girls. In recent years Patrick has been making comics and running the sci-fi anthology book Time Capsule, designing board games, and hosting comic workshops. 

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Rachel Walker

Rachel Walker aka. Walkerillo is an illustrative artist from Wellington, New Zealand, currently traveling/painting around Europe. She specializes in watercolor, stencil, ink and pencil. Walker graduated from Massey University in 2008, and has since held two solo shows, multiple group shows, and worked on various illustration projects. She is currently painting within the conceptual framework of animals, extinction, and evolution. 

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Saša Ostoja

Saša Ostoja is a 30 year old illustrator from Amsterdam, making a living out of what he loves to do the most. His work is characterised by an abundance of playfulness, colours and different shapes, all surrounded with a interesting dark edge. Saša describes his drawings as movie stills from his own movie, and he's the only one who knows where it began and how it will end. His work is a reflection on how he sees our modern society. Saša graduated as a fine arts painter from the Utrecht School of the Arts.

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Scott Balmer

Long ago, when mobile phones were the size of houses and the closest thing to the internet was the loading screens on a zx spectrum, there was a kid who was, almost always, scribbling away, conjuring up imagery–everything from hyper advanced cars to magnificent beasts. That kid was Scott Balmer. Sitting in a room with walls covered in drawings, and a brain spouting the strange notion of being able to invent things not possible in this world, pushed Scott Balmer down the path of art & design. After graduating from Duncan of Jordanstone college of Art & Design in Scotland, United Kingdom, he started his new life as a freelance illustrator and never looked back.

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Scott Listfield

Scott Listfield (b. 1976, Boston, MA) is known for his paintings featuring a lone exploratory astronaut lost in a landscape cluttered with pop culture icons, corporate logos, and tongue-in-cheek science fiction references. Scott studied art at Dartmouth College and, shortly before the year 2001, began painting astronauts and sometimes dinosaurs. 

Scott has been profiled in Wired Magazine, the Boston Globe, and on WBZ-TV Boston. His work has also appeared in New American Paintings and Surface Magazine. He has exhibited his work extensively in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, and less extensively in many other places.

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Graphic design studio Staynice was co-founded by the two Brothers Rob & Barry van Dijck. Both brothers graduated from the Academy of Art and Design St. Joost in Breda, where they mastered in the graphic design discipline.

They design a variety of products including; logos, prints, murals, books and magazines, brochures, posters, flyers, signage, illustrations, exhibition design and organisation, CD packaging, infographics and websites . Their origins lie in the graffiti scene, this background explains their workflows; it results in an unconventional way of working using a typographical starting point. Because of this background the brothers have a soft spot for working on large surfaces or walls. Being a graphic designer means more to them than just their profession, the brothers love to immerse themselves in different projects and push themselves to greater heights to achieve the best results. The thing they find interesting about working with clients is finding the creative space to play around within the restrictions set by the client, they ask themselves how the can excel within these boundaries to find the optimal result. They find importance in doing free project, within these projects they experiment with new forms and materials. The brothers love to push their boundaries and want to keep on developing their skills.

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Steve Kim

Steve Kim is an artist and illustrator. Born in Seoul, Korea, he immigrated to the states at the age of two. He received his undergraduate degree from Art Center College of Design in 2006 and his masters from Claremont Graduate University in 2010. His work has been featured in print in New American Paintings, Computer Arts, Beautiful/Decay, Print Magazine, and American Illustration and online on Juxtapoz, BOOOOOOOM, FecalFace, Supersonic Electronic, and Tumblr’s Radar. He has shown in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Korea, Italy, and London. He has taught at Art Center College of Design and resides in Oxford, Mississippi.

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Philipp Dornbierer is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer from Zurich, Switzerland who goes by the moniker Yehteh, not because he's big and hairy, but because he thoroughly enjoys mythical creatures and winter somewhat. His work is built using clear shapes and forms, as well as a limited amount of colors to keep the purity of the thought in main focus. Selected clients include IBM, The New York Times, Bloomberg, Carhartt and many others.

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You Byun

Raised in Korea, Japan, and US, NY born artist and author You Byun draws imaginative landscapes that capture the magic around her with lush environments and a variety of memorable characters. Playful, detailed but with a certain sombreness that appears in her work will entrance viewers. Her work has been exhibited internationally, and her client list includes Penguin Books, Nobrow Press, Fisher Price, Verizon, PLANSPONSOR Magazine, NPR, Roger la Borde, Rodale and more. She now lives and work in Brooklyn, NY.

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