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A creative space by Present Plus, dedicated to interactivity, accessibility and innovation.

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Cut it Out

By Noma Bar

26 Oct 2012
06 Jan 2013

Gallery 33's first show featured the work of graphic designer Noma Bar. With an original one-and-half month run, the show was eventually extended by an additional month due to the massive popularity of Noma Bar's work. Noma Bar's designs are characterised by his use of negative space and hidden meaning. Noma brought his dog-shaped die-cutting machine to Gallery 33, allowing visitors to chose their own materials and personally cut them on-site using the amazing installation. Noma Bar also contributed special works for Present Plus' Kuvva-app, and presented several limited archival prints at Gallery 33.

Noma Bar

Noma has developed an almost magical ability to turn negative into positive space. The Cut it Out exhibition took his process one step further, taking the two-dimensional from the page, and throwing it into the third dimension. He brought his canine creation, a dog-shaped die-cutting machine made famous during the Cut it Out tour, to Gallery 33 in Amsterdam. Visitors to the gallery who wanted their own exclusive work from Noma were invited to select and cut their own print from one of the many pieces of material available. During the opening, Gallery 33 also provided exclusive materials for visitors to work with. The public had an opportunity to operate the cutting machine under the supervision of one of the trained employees, and cut their own work during one of our special workshops.

Cut it Out was first launched at Outline Editions for the London Design Festival, eventually travelling to the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and Amsterdam's Gallery 33.

Noma Bar

Noma's Story

Noma Bar was born in 1973 and spent much of his youth drawing the culture around him. He pursued his passions throughout his studies at the Jerusalem Academy of Art and Design, graduating in 2000. Noma's work has garnered praise in the advertising world, winning various industry awards, most recently the prestigious Yellow Pencil award at the D&AD Professional Awards, 2012, for his series of Don DeLilo cover, created with London design studio It's Nice That.

Noma's illustrations are made using minimal lines and silhouettes, converting negative space into creative space, an aesthetic Gallery 33 and Present Plus admire and incorporate into their own work.

Noma's pieces have appeared in Time Out, Wallpaper, Esquire, and The Economist. His work is collected in the books Negative Space and Guess Who?

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Noma Bar

A creative space by Present Plus, dedicated to interactivity, accessibility and innovation.

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